Ghost Pepper IPA 鬼椒啤酒肠 | Andy's Craft Sausages
Ghost Pepper IPA 鬼椒啤酒肠
Ghost Pepper IPA 鬼椒啤酒肠
Ghost Pepper IPA 鬼椒啤酒肠
Ghost Pepper IPA 鬼椒啤酒肠
Ghost Pepper IPA 鬼椒啤酒肠
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  • Welcome to a picture of me holding some sausages!

    Ghost Pepper IPA


    If you The Single Wide IPA goes great with the fennel and nutmeg in this beer infused hot link.are looking for a little more heat this is the sausage for you.


    • Flavor profile: Nutmeg, Fennel, Single wide IPA.
    • Sausages made with pork.
    • Not gluten free/NGCI


    • 口味:混合肉豆蔻、小茴香及啤酒的独特香气。
    • 选材: 选用新鲜猪肩肉,肥瘦适中。
    • 含麸质




    Andy’s  Sausages, Bacon, Jerky, Pork Rinds & hot sauces are available at our shop  3 Litte Pigs for pick up, or delivery by courier to your home or office.

    Visit us between

    10:00AM-Midnight Tues/Wed/Thurs/Sunday

    10AM- late Friday & Saturday 


    44 Xiezuo Hutong

    Near Zhangzizhanglu Station Line 5





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